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I am a USMC Combat Veteran with a Fictional Universe stuck in my head. It's been stuck in my head for over 20 years, and I'd like to deal with it properly.

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I'm taking Pascal's Gamble.

Posted by Mindblade16 - August 5th, 2018

I’m taking Pascal’s Gamble. However, I don’t think we are in a position to find him, just like the mitochondria in one cell of my body would find it rather difficult have a political discussion with me over breakfast. The kind of God written of in the Bible is so large, so vast, that when you compare that concept to the Multiverse, where our Universe is but a fleeting soda pop bubble, then the concept of speaking to him becomes utterly ridiculous. If we were created by a Divine Being far above us, then fine, but even that Creator would be a speck in the infinite, even if he governed a billion universes.

Also, given that nothing Infinite is Precious, and how “Sacred” the Divine is, something doesn’t balance out. If God were infinite, then he would be without worth, and he would not be Divine or Sacred. A Consciousness structuring the Infinite would be unstable, and only momentarily aware of anything, like an over-medicated mental patient.
If you were to have a “relationship” with such a being it would go like this. “Oh! Did I create you? I’m sorry! Lemme fix that for you!” right before he erased you. No, the God of the Bible, if he was so concerned with what tiny tribes of humans were doing on a tiny bit of land on little scraps of papyrus, then, if he exists, then he’s most likely no bigger than the Moon.

He’s the God of Earth, and that’s where his jurisdiction ends. Kind of like in that Star Trek, The Next Generation Episode, where a similar God was all “Return my Child!” from Orbit. The people writing Bible Stories thought that the Sky and Ocean were Infinite. So, acknowledging your God is real, he’s most likely ranked among Gods like Kami from Dragonball. The Guardian of Earth. Even Kami has to behave around King Yama!
Also, you Christians quote the Bible so much, you might as well copy my Tech-Rune idea, and assign a Bible Quote to a Single Pictorial Character, like a Rune, or an Emoji. Japanese Kanji is kind of like that, but the concepts are a lot more simplified, by design.

Write and Speak in Bible-Runes if there is no understanding outside of a Christian Worldview. Then at least your ideas would have the capacity, by design, to be original.

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You have a false premise - "given that nothing infinite is precious". I mean anyone can argue about some specific religion or some specific god this or that, but you can't base valid conclusions off false premises. One can conceptualize all kinds of possibilities. No one knows the answers and probably no one will know. That doesn't mean there aren't answers. Humans don't know everything.

Supply and Demand. If the Supply is Infinite then the Demand goes down by Inverse Proportion.

Think of Rick and Morty. The reason Rick has such a strange attitude towards his family is the

Infinite Amount of Parallel Universes he has to draw from to replace all of them should they die in

one of his "Adventures".

This matter was officially challenged by said family in the season 3 finale.