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Let's talk about Mathias Mindblade. On Cerrus, we establish him as a boy from a noble family, and what that nobility

means. We also establish his relationships with his family and friends, as well as the dynamics between these


When he migrates to the Metaverse, he is taken under the wing of Orbius and his small army of Rebels to fight against

his brother's Empire of Koretoretos.

At this time, Koretoretos is one of two Cerran Empires in the Metaverse. Old Akashmiran was Native Metaverse(non-

Cerran), as well as Old Drift, which was taken over by House Rhygear as a part of the Cerran Colonization of the

Metaverse(Less violent and more of a cultural shift).

Wind Walker took over Akashmiran by Force. Turok took over the Drift by using Ideas.

Mathias should be establishing his Empire with Ideas as well. Razus is not doing wrong by his people. His Empire is


What is the rebellion based on? What are the good and bad reasons to found the Empire of Loporia in the first place?

What is Orbius thinking? Things need to have valid reasons.

"He's the Bad Guy!" is not a logical explanation.

Razus was kicked out of the family for something that wasn't his fault, so he started a new family somewhere else. Then, Mathias comes over and starts messing with his family and business. Razus has a reason to be angry, and Mathias is not in the right here.

Mathias is the Golden Child, and Razus is the Black Sheep.

Black Sheep aren't allowed to have nice things, apparently.

So, Wind Walker ended up hating Mathias because of his high and mighty attitude as well. She adored him growing up,

but she was forced to rethink her feelings when she saw him ruling an "Empire of Light". She escaped Loporia. Mathias was tyrannical.

Turok never had a problem with House Mindblade on Cerrus, but decided to attack both Koretoretos and Loporia for

some reason.

You don't start an Invasion over a Magic Flute. More likely, he had built up his Military and Population to the point wheretaking over two Empires seemed like a logical next step. The side with superior numbers decides when a war begins.

Turok is doing extremely well for himself, but Old Akashmiran is still too much of a threat. Loporia and Koretoretos are


The Main Difference between Koretoretos and Drift seems to be Natural vs Forced Racial Diversity. Wind Walker took

over a Fascist Empire by Force and made it into a Healthy Society. Mathias was a Golden Child who became an Elitist

Tyrant, which leads me to believe he might become a Fascist. Loporia promotes Creation, Peace, Love, and Lifeblood,

but why and how?

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