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4 Empires each have their own set of Laws and an Order to Preserve and Defend.

There is a Lack of Unity between these 4 Empires because these Laws and Orders conflict with each other between Empires.

A Central Authority enforcing a Central Set of Law & Order among the 4 Empires would solve this, but that isn't going to happen.

So, Loporian Police end up arresting Koretoretoi Police, and vice versa, just like the New Akashmiran Police and the Drift Police.

Any given Police Force is going to be under Obligation to arrest any other Empire's Police Force because these Empires are Fundamentally at Odds with their Laws and Orders.

What is Legal in one Empire can easily be Illegal in the other three.

Keeping these 4 Orders of Police in Harmony is the Job of the Special Forces unit of Oaenalia, the Planet of Peacestone.

This Special Forces Unit comes into conflict with it's own Empire Laws, so by Imperial Decree it has been granted Full Immunity, which is worthy since the testing and training of these Ethics Beings is very throrough indeed. They respect and honor no Empire's Laws or Orders, and are tasked with keeping the Peace among the Police Forces of the 4 Empires.

It is one of the few centralizing forces among the Four Empires that actually works and is stable.

Some would suggest that this force is the foundations of a possible 5th Empire to govern the other 4, but such talk is harmful for reasons of Protecting Cultures and avoiding Authoritarianism on such a scale.

Four Cultures merging into one would destroy those cultures as they were digested to compose the One.

This is one reason that the Special Forces Unit bows to no Throne, and may claim Soverignty as High Nobles.

If this honor is abused, the Traitor is Damned to Rhyhiao by Matthios and the High Council of 16 in the Divine Realm of Domminna.

Nobody is going to risk that.


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