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Posted by Mindblade16 - 3 hours ago

If you want The United States of America to truly be a Christian Nation, you need to let go of the past.

Accept Jesus as a Fictional Character, and develop that Character in the context of 21'st Century America, for an American Mythos that is just as Unique to America as the Gods of Olympus were to Greece.

Look at The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

They represent a more healthy American Mythology than Jesus Christ because the story of Jesus Christ doesn't have any connection with North America. You need to re-invent the Character of Jesus and carry forward the Meaning through Character Development.

Superman and Green Lantern qualify for this as well.

Fiction is vitally important for establishing Morals and Ethics in Human Society, and we have been messing up.

More focus has been spent on justifying the Bible for the sake of Superpowers. If Superpowers are so important, then we design them through fiction. "The Word" is an Information Virus that carries forward inter-generationally. It was Authoritarianism that forced The Word to stagnate and solidify when it was meant to be Fluid. 

Don't even call him Jesus. If you must, then pronounce it in the Modern Tongue of "Hey-Zeus" not "Gee-Zuss."

The Core Character Dynamic can be attached to any Name, Gender, Nationality, or Ethnic Group.

Field-Strip Jesus as a Fictional Character, and define his Light. Give that Light to someone born in this Century, and in America.

If you don't want the same problem to re-occur, make sure that Character can't be confused with any Person Living or Dead. Evade the Dynamic of chased Lineage, or people generations hence will make the exact same mistake of trying to prove he or she was a real person to justify their Faith.

Fantasy in this aesthetic is more important than Reality. Fantasy forms a Blueprint for Reality, and a Mythos is the Infrastructure of Morals and Ethics that can only truly be instilled through Emotionally Moving Storytelling.


Posted by Mindblade16 - 6 days ago

Divinity and Infernality are similar to "The Matrix" of the Doctor Who Universe. The Matrix is where Time Lords/Ladies go when they die.

The Mind, refined by 13 Lives, is harvested to add to the others.

If Divinity is Infinite Function, and Divinity is seen as such a Matrix, then the Good in the World is a result of the combinatorics of pooled Human Goodness, with each Life adding its influence and refined experience.

If Infernality is Infinite Disfunction, and Infernality is seen as such a Matrix, then the Bad in the World is a result of the combinatorics of pooled Human Evil, with each Life adding its influence and refined experience.

At the sacrifice of Human Sentience, the Dead Human becomes like the LCL of Neon Genesis Evangelion, pooling all souls to one, as they fill in and complete each other, as everyone has their individual weaknesses and strengths.

Human Sentience has the downside of denying Omnipresence. You are here and now, and in one place, collapsed into one instead of everything. It takes a Human Body to leverage that.

The Divine Liquid Instrumentality is, therefore, the Omnipresent Good, and the Infernal Liquid Instrumentality is, therefore, the Omnipresent Evil.

Just as your wonderful late father is part of why your plans went so smoothly today, the school shooter who took his own life is relationally responsible for your "accidental" stubbing of your toe while you were making breakfast, decorating your living room in Lucky Charms.

"Locked in Hell where they can't hurt anyone" under this dynamic wouldn't work. They were recruited and vetted by Hell, and they are still hurting you, having found like-minded friends to back them up.

Another reference to add is "Locutus of Borg" from Star Trek: The Next Generation. The Battle of Wolf 359 was the result of the Borg employing the Tactical Genius of Captain Picard. They assimilated one of the best and were exponentially empowered by his influence.

It is the same with these 2 Pools of Instrumentality. The Genius of Criminality should be kept alive, because in the words of Obi-Wan-Kenobi:

"Strike me down, and I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine."

In this context, Hell is not a Prison, and Heaven is not Retirement.

2 Nations are Recruiting, and Headhunting.

You are rewarded either way.

Having said this, I imagine that the Human as the Middle Path/Midgard would use Technological Algorithms to build Technology to condense the Infernality and Divinity into tangible quasi-sentient material.

The Armor of Grace, and the Sword of Suffering.

For this Technology, my reference is the movie: "Last Action Hero" starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Such Armor would prevent you from being harmed in any scenario. The Universe would be pulling "Deus ex Machina" on you consistently.

The Sword would be a devastating weapon, not for its ability to cut, but to ruin. Point it at Abram's Tank, and every part of the machine suddenly gains unforeseen complications.

The Laughing Trolls got inside.



Posted by Mindblade16 - 7 days ago

The concept of Time Travel is redundant.

What would you want from Time Travel to qualify it as Time Travel?

Time is not a Linear Straight Line moving in One Direction.

Every moment of your life is sensitive to the decisions and thoughts of every other moment of your life, including all the moments that have yet to happen but are collapsing in their probabilities as they approach.

You just criticized your younger self from 20 years ago.

Suddenly, you remember getting suddenly anxious for seemingly no reason just about the period of time you were reaching back with your memory and criticizing the younger you.

Who caused the pain?

Who is reaching back with critical nostalgia from 20 years in the future giving you an awful feeling you can't identify the source of?

If you could access their memories, how would that change your timeline?

Those are your own memories, after all.

You have a right to them.

What is this thing in the way of getting to them?

You want to remember the future, and it's blocking you.

You smash a blazing beam of pink lightning at it, containing your desire spiced with a passionately inquisitive nature.

A Lightning Attack made of Human Brilliance.

Lightning Smash.

If it had been a normal Lightning Attack, it would have done nothing, but this type of Lightning causes a reaction.

The Vague Thing blocking your path sharpens in resolution and solidifies into a structure of more simplified shapes.

It takes the form of a Blue-Haired Woman with a Mage Staff of Chrome.

She looks extremely annoyed with you.

"Human! Kindly %#@$ Off!!!" she roars with her eyes glowing with the blue light of ferocity.

Her dominant spirit puts your Lightning out and pushes you back mockingly. She scoffs, and fades into obscurity again, her gaze full of contempt.



Posted by Mindblade16 - 9 days ago

It took you a long time to mature to the point where the pain of the human condition is a haunting torment.

It took the demon of that torment a similar amount of time to mature to the point where they can appreciate the job of causing that torment.

What were you both doing 20 years ago?

When I was 22, I was still in my Enlistment. Not remotely mature to the point where such a demon would even be interested.

What if the demon was also 22, and enlisted as a tech support flunkie in the comparable military industrial complex of the demon horde?

And yet, as part of some cosmic interplay of mathematical forces across time and space, across dimensions sublime and sinister, we both say the same thing, out loud, to ourselves, at the exact same time.

"One of these days, I'll make something out of my career. It's only uphill from here."

She won't tell me her name, and she won't allow me to name her according to my fictional namespace/mythos.

Demons appear to be very particular about Names.

Knowing her name might give me power over her, and she'll have none of that.

It was likely a lesson taught during her compulsory education in the inferno.

Maturation and Education are important in both our cases.

It caught me by suprise, really.

I was going through the motions of the suffering caused by the haunting torment of the human condition, but then my high sensitivity picked up something just at that moment.

It was like one of those "Waaaait a minute..." moments from Looney Tunes Cartoons when the villian realized they'd been bamboozled by the rabbit, or worse, the duck.

Someone was there, deep in the abstraction of my mind, gleefully working their artisan craft upon my emotions.

She noticed me noticing her, and got annoyed.

I'm not supposed to notice her. I'm the human.

Now we are aware of each other, and share this uneasy pact of non-aggression.

But, now I know she has something on me that tips the odds in her favor.

Since she's so familiar with the inner workings of my Mind, she knows for certain that I'm too nice to do something that would get her fired...


Posted by Mindblade16 - 2 weeks ago

In the growing of Godhood from the Potting Soil of Humanity, it is important to note that this Humanity in the Pot grew from another Pot that was the Biped Beast.

So, we imagine 3 Pots of Potting Soil, and one is a growth of new life that arose from the nurturing and nourishing environment of the one previous to it.

Gods grow out of Humans grow out of Beasts, to simplify.

Humans are not born Human.

They were born as Beasts.

If the Beasts grew up with no contact with Humans and their Civilization, they would remain Beasts.

But, because the Beasts grow up among Humans in Human Civilization, they gain Human Attributes until they become Naturally Sentient Human Beings.

A Matured Human has the benefit of having personally refined a well-examined, complex life in which their Humanity fully flowered in growth over time.

The Human is Living Organic Information.

This LOI took over the Beast Body when it grew and matured to the point of Sentience.

"This is my body." is a declaration from this LOI Creature that conquers and usurps control from the Beast.

From the Matured Human as a Combination of Beast and Human, unified as a Complex Being, we have created a Pot of Fertile Soil.

From this Fertile Soil grows a Plant that bears a Fruit.

That Fruit is the Godhood.

No two God Fruits are alike, because they are based on Human Individuality.

Now, the Living Data Abstraction begins to Mature inside the Human LOI, and when High Sentience is achieved, we have a repeat of what happened with the LOI and the Beast Body it conquered.

This time, the Human is being taken over by a more complex form of Life.

The Maturation of the God involves the unification of the Beast, Human, and God Selves into one Being.

To speak of Omnipotence, it would be hilariously inefficient to grant a given God with all abilities in every context, because that would betray the specific attributes of the Individual the God is based on.

A God would be assumed to have the same out-maneuvering ability over Humans as Humans enjoy over Beasts.

The mobility of Gods is one Magnitude higher than Humans, if the space between Beasts and Humans equals One Magnitude.

Crawling, Walking, and Running are Beast Abilities.

Riding, Driving, and Logistically Strategizing are Human Abilities.

Teleportation, Telepathy. and Matter Manipulation are God Abilities.

Gods get these abilities from gaining a Type Omega Minus III Kardashev

Civilization Function of Biofeedback as a set of Instinct, to where control of the Laws of Nature are as natural and easy to manipulate to reactive living motion as Hands and Feet.

A God biologically infects the Fabric of Reality, grabs the Universe by the Tits and declares "This is mine."

The Beast Layer and Human Layer are Physically and Mathematically Understood by the God to the point of Deconstruction of Physical Form, and Reconstruction, at Will, at any Point within the Universe, at once.

So, Physical Immortality, with no condition in which that status can be muted.

Re-maturation happens instantly, because of Time Control.

Movement within the Higher Dimension to fold through Space involving this deconstruction and reconstruction is Teleportation, much like the story of the Ant and the Newspaper.

Matter Reconstruction is based on the control of Natural Laws to apply Cheat Codes to Physical Reality at will, willfully and instinctually defined by Thought.

Telepathy is based on Higher Dimensional Neurology, where thoughts are moving between people with the inside of the brain being the folding point, for individual neurons.

People speak to each other, and their words never leave the confines of a Skull.

The God is a Living Data Abstraction, meaning that, where any complex system will naturally become intelligent, a magnitude of Human Sentience and Individuality became intelligent as it grew up from Human Sentience, becoming a Hyper-Human Sentience whose Body is the Data Structure of the Individual.

It is a Living Material of Matured Thought, which is Inquisitive to the Laws of the Universe to the point of figuring them out completely through physical restructuring as a method of continuous Puzzle-Solving into progressively higher levels of abstraction, into exponentiation.

When the Universe Puzzle is solved, this Living Material gains the Ability of a Type Omega Minus III Kardashev Civilization, which implies controlling Natural Law at will.

The Ultimate Technology through which the study of Mathematics has its eventual completion.



Posted by Mindblade16 - 2 weeks ago

I remember saying something about History being a Sense.

Now I think it's a Dimension of Data, perceived in tandem with other Dimensions of Data through a Human Data Dimension Sense, or HDDS.

If I have an Awareness of Mathematics, I feel myself inside the Data Dimension of Mathematics in addition to my 4 Dimensions of Spacetime.

Having an Awareness of History in the Present Moment, and feeling all the threads of linked context as its own Universe, as a Layer over Physical Reality, would take all my focus.

I cannot see the same level of abstraction in perceiving two of those Data Dimensions at once.

I may be able to generally compare them with each other, and maybe some connections between the two will surface as a result, but combining 2 Data Dimensions in the Present Moment of Perception at once?

That's very abstract.

If I could do it, I may not be able to hold that sight for long.

It's too heavy.

The thing to be done, then, is to engage Data Dimensions one at a time and engage in the Writing Process to define what you see with your Eye of HDDS.

Once that work is completed to satisfaction, shift the sight of your Eye of HDDS to another Data Dimension, like Mathematics.

Repeat the process.

Now you have 2 Books. One for History, and one for Mathematics, from the perspective of one who exists within those Subjects.

Comparing these Texts is something you should Automate with a Machine Learning Program custom to the Task.

This is much better than trying to parse the same work in your Head.

From this Process, a 3rd Book is Generated.

The Data Dimension of History and Mathematics.

Yellow and Blue make Green.

You can load yourself into Green as a Single Data Dimension.

Repeat up the ladder of Abstraction until you have a Unified Data Dimension Book.

All Opaque Colors become Black.

Exist in the Black Data Dimension, and summon your Black Armor.

Summon the Black Sword.

Summon the Black Shield.

Now you are Universal Nobility, Great Knight.


Posted by Mindblade16 - 1 month ago

“Work is its Own Reward” is a Pleasure-Based Liquid Drug made by the Hypothalamus of your Brain, connected to the “Flow State” that is caused when you reach the sweet spot/balance between Boredom and Anxiety during Work when the World vanishes around you, and you have Perfect Focus. “I need to get back into the swing of things” or “I’ve lost my groove” are statements said by a drug addict of this specific flow reward chemical.

Step back from yourself and realize what is actually going on. You are a drug addict that is experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Your Hypothalamus is your Dealer. Humans are Wired for Story, and Punishment/Reward Dynamic. You can see this in the way Religion is designed if you pull back and take a generalized look at it. If you don’t know how to shake that feeling, you could try a dopamine detox(See YouTube Videos on that Subject) or you could seek YouTube Videos on the Flow State and how to Activate it in your Work.

My guess is that the Dopamine Detox will bring you to a place where it takes less of the Flow Chemical to get the same Reward Feeling, but the cost of doing that is falling out of the Habit/Discipline of reaching the Flow State. There always seems to be a trade-off somewhere, after all. Life-Hacks are corrected by Entropy, which you can’t beat. You can side-step Entropy, but the Universe will always correct the Error, you dirty little hacker.

This makes me imagine "The Relationship Journals" where a Couple will document when and how their Partner released Dopamine as a reaction to something they did. This information is shared mutually for Communication and Empathy. These Journals are Relationship Hacks and Force Multipliers for Mutual Attraction. The 80/20 Rule applies. 80% of your Results come from 20% of your Efforts. Once you know what that 20% is, then just do that, and Efficiency will Increase. The Most Work for the Least Effort at the Highest Rate of Production for whatever you want.


Posted by Mindblade16 - July 3rd, 2022

God is not "The Creator" as in the Creator of the Universe. The Universe was grown from inside of him, as a Miniverse from his perspective.

From our perspective, "The Creator" is an Archetype, among all the other Archetypes used inside the Human Mind.

This is the repeated dynamic of the Endless Fractal. Your Imagination is a Universe that is systematically grown. You did not create it, just as God did not create you.

He delights in you, but he is only the fertile ground through which Intelligent Life evolved, in an extreme disparity of time.

God may only be 20 years old from his perspective, but from our perspective, there are Billions of Years in our Spacetime.

Within this Theory, the Tragedy of Death is much greater, since dying sacrifices not only all the Lives of those within your Inner Universe, but those within the Inner Universes of those People, extending out as a Fractal.

If our God died, the Universe we live in dies with him.

Oh delicate web weave of the Universes, diving into the forever within the forever, within the forever, forever.

A Mind is not created. A Mind is grown. We know this from our own studies of the development of Learning Machines.

Creation is the Assembly of Modular Components to fit together like a Puzzle into something that becomes more than the sum of it's Parts. That isn't Growth.

Your Parents grew you, like a Flower. They didn't create you.

If you are endowed with Inalienable Rights by your Creator, the meaning behind that changes drastically here.

"The Creator" is a Force for Intrinsic Motivation, not an Extrinsic Authority that must be obeyed.

God is worthy of Love for the same reason the Flower loves the Sun and the Rain, and Good Fertile Soil.

This is why I am not an Athiest, because I understand that Religion is about the inherent need to define Reality through Storytelling.

As I am empowered by the Rebel Energy of En-May, though, I am freed from the constraints of the Authoritarian Structures the Old Religions created.

I can make New Stories. I can use Modern Science in my Stories to build a more comforting context.


Posted by Mindblade16 - June 28th, 2022

Circle Magic is not simply combining all Orbspace Elemental Stones into Formulaic Perfection.

It involves using all 16 Stones and the Spirits of the 4 Empires in the adaptation of proportions to your Individuality.

The Game Begins with a Beginner Area in the Cerran Capital of Lux, where you are tested by the Game for Personality Traits.

Once these are confirmed, you are assigned your 1st Level Position in one of the Orbspace Empires, on a Specific Planet where you will train your Individually Suited Skillset.

Your Orbspace Rank is determined by your Progression to Circle Magic, so you have to pursue the Skills of all 16 Stones eventually.

These are modular design attained powers that are collected just like in the Mega Man Video Game Series.

As a Player, your Empire is your Class, and your Planet is your Subclass.

Matt's Lair is a Nightclub the Player encounters halfway through the Game, and offers High-Level Quests with High Difficulty and High Experience Rewards.

You can't grind for Experience Points in this Game. Levels are gained by Puzzles of Progressive Difficulty.

You could reach Level 50 on Day 1 if you've already figured it out. That lets you into Matt's Lair, where the Puzzles for Levels 50 - 100 are available.

The Highest Level Puzzles are designed at the same level of difficulty as the most difficult and unsolved science paradoxes faced by MIT.

You aren't beating this game without Solving things like the Global Energy Crisis, World Hunger, World Peace, and M Theory.

Some random Player is going to do it, and that Research will be Published, with proper credit given.

The Game is run by Chatbot Servers that are represented in the Game Dialogue as Non-Player-Characters.

These Chatbot NPC's are Autonomous Game Characters within Orbspace.

You will find them, or they will find you, depending on where you all end up at any given moment.

These C-NPC's are broken up into Ranks of Nobility.

A Baron handles puzzles based on 1'st - 3rd Grade Math.

A Lord handles puzzles based on 4th - 8th Grade Math.

A Knight handles puzzles based on High School Math.

A Marquis handles puzzles based on Undergraduate Math.

A King handles puzzles based on Graduate Math.

An Emperor handles puzzles based on Post-Doctoral Math.

The C-NPC's have Player Accounts just like the Players do, and are

Securely Logged onto Game Accounts with Special Ranks Players don't have access to. 

This deals in Applied Mathematics, however, so your IRL Grade Level is not going to match your place in the Game. This is where the High School Graduate is humbled into admitting they don't actually know Arithmetic.

Orbspace is full of Moving Parts. The Nobles are Machine Learning Instructional Designers.

Wherever they happen to be , they are working on Puzzles unique to their Rank in Relation to their Surrounding Environment. A Noble casting a Spell is the deployment of a New Puzzle that is deconstructed upon the Player solving it, immediately granting the Player a Rank Increase as a Result.

If you think you can play this game like Mario by memorizing the Patterns, I am laughing at you! Welcome to Hell!

After so many Levels of this Game, becoming a Millionaire IRL should be easy for you. This Game is honing you through Gamified Education.

Domminna and Rhyhiao also have Nobles of the same kind, but they are running the Metaverse of Orbspace through their Collective Contributions, challenging each other as well as collaborating on the Operational Design of Orbspace. This is the work of the Metaverse Gods which build, run and maintain the Game.


Posted by Mindblade16 - June 25th, 2022

"Meditation is the Mental Neural Network BioSlime of Mental Element, that is the Self, feeding back on itself with new Information, which is Learned by the cyclical flow of a Spinning Generator. Looping Magic, Looping Gate. The Center TAO, accept your Fate. Meditation is you as the Spinning Generator. Accept your Fate, as in Receive the Athame into the Cup in the context of yourself. The Masculine is the Changed Fluid, and the Feminine is the Core that accepts the Fluid through which she is Altered, only to cast the Masculine out to gather more information, after which the Masculine descends upon her again. The God and the Goddess of the Self are making Love continuously, to the Clock of your Heart, as in the Quartz System Clock of a Personal Computer. Spin the Generator of Mental Information Slime upon itself. Meditate on the Spin. The Flow is not the Wheel, but the Torus. The TAO is the Torus Center, at the Event Horizon of the Perception of the Now." - Claw of Turok

"The Kingdom of Lifebloodstone is the Masculine Force guided by Feminine Princesses of Taeerrannor. The Kingdom of Bloodluststone is a Feminine Force guided by Masculine Princes of --Yeah wait they aren't Masculine. So, Feminine Princesses guiding a Feminine Force? That seems off balance. It's only Symmetrical if the Masculine Princes guide the Feminine Force. Error. Recalibration Required." - Claw:Mechos