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Character Arcs

Posted by Mindblade16 - November 24th, 2020


  1. Born from a Leather Pouch filled with Domminnian Coins that is transformed by Creationstone Avatars into a young girl.
  2. Travels with Jinn-Lir around the Metaverse to empower a Small Army of Supersoldiers to help fight against the Drift.
  3. Fights battle with young Typhus and his master Wonn-Lir(Lost)
  4. Timewarp of being kidnapped by herself in a Time Machine, saving her last Domminnian Coin to empower herself with a Truly Human life of her own.
  5. Timeskip to Adult Coin.
  6. Coin helps forge the Circuitstone.
  7. Coin helps forge the Galestone.
  8. Coin helps forge the Redstone.
  9. Coin Helps forge the Greenstone.
  10. Fights battle with Old Typhus(Wins)

Circle Oaennar

  1. Born in Oaenalia.
  2. Became Peacestone Avatar.
  3. Became a Circle Mage.
  4. Summoning of, Training, and Betrayal of “Zero”.
  5. Ascended to Domminna and became God.

Taeeran Bloodstone

  1. Born from the Fusion of Matthios, Dark Onyx, Claw:Mechos, and Diana.
  2. Unfused by choice.

Rezda Locke-nor

  1. Born from the Fusion of Mathias Mindblade, Razus Razorblade, Wind Walker, and Turok Rhygear.
  2. Unfused by choice.


  1. Born from the Fusion of Wind Walker and Turok Rhygear.
  2. Created “White Fire” and redesigned the Metaverse.
  3. Defeated and Unfused by Coin and an Alternate Universe(Cerrus never Colonized Metaverse) Razus Razorblade(Pirate Captain)

Wind Walker

  1. Born on Cerrus to the Ei Family.
  2. Trained with Mathias Mindblade(Boy).
  3. Trained and Abandoned by Mathias Mindblade(Man).
  4. Brought into the Metaverse by Lord Lynxblade.
  5. Fought in a War that United Loporia and Koretoretos.
  6. Galestone is forged with the help of Jinn-Lir and Coin.
  7. Rebelled against Emperor Mathias Mindblade and escaped to Old Akashmiran.
  8. Old Akashmiran beats Wind Walker within an inch of her Life.
  9. Wind Walker becomes Fire Walker(for a small moment), and Destroys Old Akashmiran(All 4 Planets and the Star they Orbit).
  10. The Lady Void and Circle Oaennar consult with Wind Walker and help her rebuild Old Akashmiran into New Akashmiran as an Empress(Solar System reforged/People Saved/Reinstatement of Fascism prevented).
  11. Marries Lynxblade.
  12. Has her first Child(Spiral).
  13. Has her second Child(Zephyr).
  14. Fusion of Wind and Horizon Walker into Diana, who Ascends into Domminna(Becomes Goddess)
  15. Diana becomes The Lady Void, and goes back in Time to lead the People of Cerrus into the Metaverse in the first place(Instigated by Coin).
  16. Final Fusion with Circle Oaennar(God).

Mathias Mindblade

  1. Born on Planet Cerrus to House Mindblade.
  2. Grew up on Cerrus with his Father,Siblings, and Wind-Ei.
  3. Migrated to Metaverse.
  4. Participated in a Rebellion against Emperor Razus Razorblade.
  5. Greenstone is forged with the help of Orbius and Coin.
  6. Founded the Loporian Empire.
  7. Married Sentura Locke-nor
  8. First War between Loporia and Koretoretos.
  9. Had his first child(Maximus).
  10. Second War between Loporia and Koretoretos(Lost, and takes his Family into hiding)
  11. Had his second child(Monique).
  12. Leads 2nd Rebellion to take back Loporia(Wins).
  13. Reunited with Wind Walker(formerly Wind-Ei).
  14. Loporia and Koretoretos form a Unified Coalition against the Drift Empire.
  15. Crowns Maximus Mindblade as the 2nd Loporian Emperor.
  16. Fusion with Wind Walker into Witch of Deep Genius(Temporary).
  17. Fusion with Razus into Marrion Bloodstone(Temporary)
  18. Fusion with Turok into Black Staff(Temporary)
  19. Fusion into Rezda Locke-nor(4-way Fusion)(Temporary).
  20. Evolves into Matthios and Ascends into Domminna.
  21. Fusion into Taeeran Bloodstone(4-way Fusion)(Temporary).
  22. Evolves into Matthew of Hurricane.
  23. Final Fusion into Circle Oaennar(God).

Razus Razorblade

  1. Born on Planet Cerrus to House Mindblade.
  2. Grew up on Cerrus with his Father, Siblings, and Wind-Ei.
  3. Blamed for Sister being Spirited Away, and Exiled.
  4. Migrated to Metaverse.
  5. Redstone is Forged with the help of Coin and Wonn-Lir.
  6. Founded the Koretoretos Empire.
  7. Married Nightraven Bloodribbon.
  8. Fought against the Rebellion, and lost.
  9. Took back his Throne and fought an Equal War between 2 Empires(Loporia/Koretoretos).
  10. Had his firstborn(Xandria)
  11. Second War with Loporia(Won, ousted the Royal Family who went into hiding, and Doubled the size of his Empire)
  12. Fought the Loporian Rebellion(Lost)
  13. Koretoretos and Loporia form a Unified Coalition against the Drift Empire.
  14. Crowns Xandria Razorblade as the 2nd Korotoretos Empress.
  15. Fusion with Mathias into Marrion Bloodstone(Temporary)
  16. Fusion with Wind Walker into Dark Xandria(Temporary)(new concept/not his daughter).
  17. Fusion with Turok into Sovereign Black(Temporary).
  18. Fusion into Rezda Locke-nor(4-way Fusion)(Temporary).
  19. Evolves into Dark Onyx and Ascends into Domminna.
  20. Fusion into Taeeran Bloodstone(4-way Fusion)(Temporary).
  21. Evolves into Zandal.
  22. Final Fusion into Circle Oaennar(God).

Turok Rhygear

  1. Born to House Rhygear on Cerrus.
  2. Migrated to Metaverse.
  3. Trapped in The Endless Library of Planet Acadmium.
  4. CircuitStone is Forged with the help of Coin, allowing Turok to escape Acadmium.
  5. Founded the Drift.
  6. Married Xor.
  7. War against the United Coalition of Loporia and Koretoretos(Lost).
  8. Fusion with Wind Walker into TAO(Temporary).
  9. Fusion with Mathias into Black Staff(Temporary).
  10. Fusion with Razus into Sovereign Black(Temporary).
  11. Has firstborn child(Key).
  12. Fusion into Rezda Locke-nor(4-way Fusion)(Temporary).
  13. Coronates Key, the 2nd Drift Emperor.
  14. Drift Civil War between Emperor Turok Rhygear and Chancellor Windchime Skyblade(Won)(Windchime revealed as Mindblade Traitor that was never Spirited Away, but migrated to the Metaverse with the help of Typhus stealing Coin’s Time Machine).
  15. Evolves into Claw:Mechos and is bound to the inside of a Factory.
  16. Fusion into Taeeran Bloodstone(4-way Fusion)(Temporary)(Aided by Coin, who returns him to the Factory afterwards).
  17. Evolves into Claw of Turok, and ascends into Domminna.
  18. Final Fusion into Circle Oaennar(God).