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Worldbuilding: The Long Climb to Godhood

Posted by Mindblade16 - 1 month ago

I envision a group of societies in the far future. 

In one there are the Earthlings, who have cured aging and live permanently youthful lives as long as they stay safe and out of danger. This causes a sustainability problem with the planetary population carrying capacity, so those who reach 200 years of age are shipped off to live on the Moon, which is the second society.

Moonlings are aged from 200 to 500, and also have a respect for the carrying capacity of the moon, of which the entire surface has been colonized and built up into a single developed country. 

Education demands a new standard for this stage of Life Experience and Development. An Earthling had better have achieved a Doctorate in something by Age 200, and if it isn’t accomplished by age 150, remedial classes begin to get the stragglers up to speed.

Moonling Education starts at the Doctoral Level, with a new system that advances General Education to the Doctoral Level as a Primary Foundation, before starting Moonling K-12 Public Schooling. 

The 3rd Society is Venus, taking in Humans that are age 500. At their level of Education and Life Experience, these Humans have 100% replaced their own Physical Bodies with progressive customizations until nothing remains of the old Human Shell. They don’t look like Robots, because they care about Aesthetics of Human Beauty, with the Maturity to understand that Beauty is skin-deep and the insides of a Robot Body are just as horrifying as the insides of a Human Body, so the difference becomes a matter of developed Maturity over the matter of form, which does not come easy, and is part of the Education System in long transition to a more robust form of being. 

Venuslings have no problem with an Environment in which an Earthling or even a Moonling would die instantly upon approaching the drastically differing atmosphere. Their customized bodies are Mastered, and designed to easily handle the harsh condition of Venus in comfort.

The Education and Development continues, and for another 500 years, the Venuslings engage in further growth as Human Beings. Humanity is a concept, and not necessarily tied to biology. This is a hard pill to swallow, but things are taken very slowly in this subject. 

At the age of 1000, Venuslings graduate to the next level of the Human Societies, but require no travel infrastructure to get to the next planet. They can jump up from the surface of Venus and get themselves to Mars in a timely manner with no Ship, as the robust nature and sheer power of their developed forms is such that their bodies now qualify as FTL Rank, allowing for Faster than Light Travel in all directions through a willpower than exceeds the collective energy production and use of the entire Earthling Society, within each Marsling Human Body. So, new Marslings can get to Mars under their own power, and it only takes a few minutes.10 minutes tops. 

Marsling Society has the same demands for Education and Development, as well as the Carrying Capacity that demands 2000 year old Humans depart to Jupiter. The standard of travel that brought them to Mars is scaled to the point where even the excessive distance between Mars and Jupiter is not even a large event. An annoyance, really. 30 minutes, tops. 

Jupiterling Society has no carrying capacity, because at that standard, the odds of survival even of Marslings becomes difficult. Jupiter is no joke. The Elder Jupiterlings will not welcome newcomers, but will rather attack them at full force to humble them and bring them up to standards. Jupiterling Society protects and watches over Marsling Society, just as Marsling Society protects and watches over Venusling Society, which protects and watches over Moonling Society, which protects and watches over Earthling Society.

At age 10,000, the Jupiterling Graduate has an Individual Ability of a Type III Kardashev Civilization, bare-handed, and starts working on developing New Planets in other Star Systems, all by themselves. 

They aren’t protecting the Jupiterlings. No level of Cosmic Disaster is going to phase a seasoned Jupiterling. Some of them dive deep into the Sun because they find it thrilling, and it causes them no damage. In fact, their muscles have developed to the point where diving deep into the Sun is the only way to get a deep tissue massage. Its like a Spa Treatment at that point.

Earth, Moon, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter comprise the Entire Modern Human Education System in this far future that I envision.



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