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Worldbuilding: Social City Dev

Posted by Mindblade16 - 7 days ago

I have a theory for the construction of Fame. You need Allies and Enemies, and the Drama from both Camps needs to be in a perpetual state of War. The Energy from that drives the Machine of Social Media.

Still Waters do not turn Wheels.

A famous person is loved and hated.

If I want to know the truth of my Social Structure, I have to treat it like Forge of Empires, testing parts, moving things around, pruning and adding through regular efficiency audits.

This City must have equal parts Lovers and Haters. I want people commenting because they love me and commenting because they hate me. Drama is fuel, and I am validated by both sides.

Oh shoot, I could literally build a D&D Map out of this.

In a Growth Mentality, An Ally needs to be fueled with an Emotional Validation Supply Chain. just like you hook up plumbing for running water for the Buildings in SimCity.

A High Worth Ally has a lot to gain from our Relationship because I invested in the Infrastructure to support that Ally.

Trying to run a Social Structure based on Pure Sentiment is like the little piggy that built his house from Straw.

I'm having an idea. It's blossoming like a flower. A Social Infrastructure is maintained by those of High Social Skill. The Social Butterflies that tend my Garden. The SI supports Multiple Allies and Enemies in a Supply Chain, and each part of the System is under constant Critical Analysis by Analysts. So, I need Social Butterflies, Analysts, and a Means of Production and Delivery.

To grow a City is akin to growing a Garden.

This is not a Hidden Village, though.

The Entire Process, and everything involved, must be completely transparent in the Social Media Apps and Conversations.

If there are not Open Avenues for people to Love and Hate my Work, my Social Butterflies and Analysts are not communicating effectively, and we have Evaluation Meetings.

All Conversations Publicly Available on Social Media in my City are Mapped out, and Strategy is used with a Full View of the Map.

The City is Matt's Lair.

Matt's Lair is my Home in the Metaverse.



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