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Systems Design: Data/Print Center

Posted by Mindblade16 - June 25th, 2022

Considering how dangerous Electricity and Toxic Chemicals/Fumes are involved with Large Scale Computing and Printing Services of a Data/Print Center, I would enclose the entire Facility in a Robot-Arm-Only Building Container for Automation of every Action that would involve the Hands of an Employee. There can still be Employees, but their Jobs should not be around Hazards like that. Robot Arms can't get Cancer from Toxins and aren't at risk of Electrocution. The Employees would Manage the System from the Outside, and Manage the I/O System of the Building Container. Basically, the Whole Building is treated like a PC Power Supply. Don't open it.

The Inside is Refrigerated, as the inside of a Computer should be, so it wouldn't be healthy for a person to be inside the Building Container anyway. Electronic Components emit a lot of heat. There are Dust Concerns too, in which the Humans would only cause Damage to the System by working inside and making dust from dead skin cells.

The Print Center of the Building takes Online Print Orders, Processes them through Industrial Factory Automation using Printers and Robot Arms on Rails, and the Output of the I/O System would be Boxed Print Jobs ready to be picked up by UPS for Customer Delivery.

The Data Center of the Building takes Virtual CPU and GPU Orders, and People can pay for use of Mainframe Hardware in the Data Center as a Compulsory Rental Agreement. There is a Market for this, just as there is a Market for Print Jobs so that System just links up with the Existing Markets and takes Orders. The Orders are Processed and Delivered. The Employees Maintain the System and handle the I/O System, because of Customer Service, Deliveries, and Maintenance. With so many moving parts, things are going to break down, and those individual parts need to be Ordered and Replaced as needed.

The Data/Print Center has High Production Output at a High Rate of Production, and the Employees are not overworked. Their Health is Monitored by the System. via Biometrics, which can detect Stress Levels and Compensate in Various ways. The Employee is guaranteed a Sense of Normal Stability and Calm for each Work Shift. Humans are to be treated with High TLC as Delicate but Powerful Components of the System.

To expand this concept further:

What if every Residential Building in a Country were a High School, with nobody allowed to live alone, and everyone living out of their Locker and Backpack?

Everyone is always taking classes because there is always more to learn.

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner are served in the Dining Hall, by people who love to Cook and Serve Food,

24/7, and everything is moving.

The halls are never empty. The High School never sleeps. There are Sleep Pods in the Cellar, with Enforced Quiet and Noise Cancellation Tech. Quality Sleep for 8 hrs. guaranteed. Quiet Ushers bring people in and out of this place and into a Loading/Unloading Zone, from which to start moving productively or retire for another 8 hrs. Login and Logout.

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