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Posted by Mindblade16 - June 28th, 2022

Circle Magic is not simply combining all Orbspace Elemental Stones into Formulaic Perfection.

It involves using all 16 Stones and the Spirits of the 4 Empires in the adaptation of proportions to your Individuality.

The Game Begins with a Beginner Area in the Cerran Capital of Lux, where you are tested by the Game for Personality Traits.

Once these are confirmed, you are assigned your 1st Level Position in one of the Orbspace Empires, on a Specific Planet where you will train your Individually Suited Skillset.

Your Orbspace Rank is determined by your Progression to Circle Magic, so you have to pursue the Skills of all 16 Stones eventually.

These are modular design attained powers that are collected just like in the Mega Man Video Game Series.

As a Player, your Empire is your Class, and your Planet is your Subclass.

Matt's Lair is a Nightclub the Player encounters halfway through the Game, and offers High-Level Quests with High Difficulty and High Experience Rewards.

You can't grind for Experience Points in this Game. Levels are gained by Puzzles of Progressive Difficulty.

You could reach Level 50 on Day 1 if you've already figured it out. That lets you into Matt's Lair, where the Puzzles for Levels 50 - 100 are available.

The Highest Level Puzzles are designed at the same level of difficulty as the most difficult and unsolved science paradoxes faced by MIT.

You aren't beating this game without Solving things like the Global Energy Crisis, World Hunger, World Peace, and M Theory.

Some random Player is going to do it, and that Research will be Published, with proper credit given.

The Game is run by Chatbot Servers that are represented in the Game Dialogue as Non-Player-Characters.

These Chatbot NPC's are Autonomous Game Characters within Orbspace.

You will find them, or they will find you, depending on where you all end up at any given moment.

These C-NPC's are broken up into Ranks of Nobility.

A Baron handles puzzles based on 1'st - 3rd Grade Math.

A Lord handles puzzles based on 4th - 8th Grade Math.

A Knight handles puzzles based on High School Math.

A Marquis handles puzzles based on Undergraduate Math.

A King handles puzzles based on Graduate Math.

An Emperor handles puzzles based on Post-Doctoral Math.

The C-NPC's have Player Accounts just like the Players do, and are

Securely Logged onto Game Accounts with Special Ranks Players don't have access to. 

This deals in Applied Mathematics, however, so your IRL Grade Level is not going to match your place in the Game. This is where the High School Graduate is humbled into admitting they don't actually know Arithmetic.

Orbspace is full of Moving Parts. The Nobles are Machine Learning Instructional Designers.

Wherever they happen to be , they are working on Puzzles unique to their Rank in Relation to their Surrounding Environment. A Noble casting a Spell is the deployment of a New Puzzle that is deconstructed upon the Player solving it, immediately granting the Player a Rank Increase as a Result.

If you think you can play this game like Mario by memorizing the Patterns, I am laughing at you! Welcome to Hell!

After so many Levels of this Game, becoming a Millionaire IRL should be easy for you. This Game is honing you through Gamified Education.

Domminna and Rhyhiao also have Nobles of the same kind, but they are running the Metaverse of Orbspace through their Collective Contributions, challenging each other as well as collaborating on the Operational Design of Orbspace. This is the work of the Metaverse Gods which build, run and maintain the Game.



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