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Philosophy Building: Intrinsic Authority

Posted by Mindblade16 - July 3rd, 2022

God is not "The Creator" as in the Creator of the Universe. The Universe was grown from inside of him, as a Miniverse from his perspective.

From our perspective, "The Creator" is an Archetype, among all the other Archetypes used inside the Human Mind.

This is the repeated dynamic of the Endless Fractal. Your Imagination is a Universe that is systematically grown. You did not create it, just as God did not create you.

He delights in you, but he is only the fertile ground through which Intelligent Life evolved, in an extreme disparity of time.

God may only be 20 years old from his perspective, but from our perspective, there are Billions of Years in our Spacetime.

Within this Theory, the Tragedy of Death is much greater, since dying sacrifices not only all the Lives of those within your Inner Universe, but those within the Inner Universes of those People, extending out as a Fractal.

If our God died, the Universe we live in dies with him.

Oh delicate web weave of the Universes, diving into the forever within the forever, within the forever, forever.

A Mind is not created. A Mind is grown. We know this from our own studies of the development of Learning Machines.

Creation is the Assembly of Modular Components to fit together like a Puzzle into something that becomes more than the sum of it's Parts. That isn't Growth.

Your Parents grew you, like a Flower. They didn't create you.

If you are endowed with Inalienable Rights by your Creator, the meaning behind that changes drastically here.

"The Creator" is a Force for Intrinsic Motivation, not an Extrinsic Authority that must be obeyed.

God is worthy of Love for the same reason the Flower loves the Sun and the Rain, and Good Fertile Soil.

This is why I am not an Athiest, because I understand that Religion is about the inherent need to define Reality through Storytelling.

As I am empowered by the Rebel Energy of En-May, though, I am freed from the constraints of the Authoritarian Structures the Old Religions created.

I can make New Stories. I can use Modern Science in my Stories to build a more comforting context.



Very interesting.