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Pondering a weird design

Posted by Mindblade16 - May 31st, 2023

Orbs bound by Staves, in a Circle Interface.

The 16 Mage Staves surround the Console.

They plug into the Circle Console that surrounds the Center Console, with a Walking Path in between.

Pacing in Circles.

A Standing Computer Desk.

A Pacing Console.

Circles and Spirals.

The Golden Ratio.

Only Tardis inspired but so many other influences mixed in.

What are those Staves? How do I make them? What do they do?

Archetypal Devices, causing an calculated Emergent Effect in the Center Console.

What is the point of the Tardis Matrix?

What am I designing?

Something to ponder...

A Computer is a Calculation Device.

This Computer isn't a PC.

It doesn't run Windows.

It doesn't even use The Pythagorean Table in the Interface.

No letters or numbers.

There are backlit buttons with a pictorial Character Set.

No Video Monitors.

No Audio Speakers.

There are still Reactive Lights and Sounds with Meaning.

No Keyboard. No Mouse. Yet, still there is an Interface.

The Human powers it with a Multi-Faceted Tactile Electric Generation System. A winding pocket watch is part of the Inspiration.

A Flywheel for storing Kinetic Energy would be involved.

Sorry, no Binary Code. This Console is so so Alien to most known devices of calculation. Closer to Analog Computers, really. Those are an Inspiration.

It does go very low. If binary isn't used, you need to go even lower than a bit. No bits. Associations, yes, but no bits.

What was the oldest Computer?

Why does an Abacus work?

Why does a switch work?

Go lower. Go more Meta.

Logic is an inspiration, but what are the origins of Logic?

Pinterest is a really good source of Artistic Inspiration for my Designs.

I have an impulse to undermine everything in this design, but I know I can only go so far. I have to scale my Imagination.

I need more power. Not electric power. Still pondering.

What is this force echoing up through my Imagination?

What calls to me?

No use rushing things.

I have Bookcases of Sketchbooks to fill before I entirely work this out.

My process has a daily time window.

My optimized work hours.

It's not like this is anything new.

I've been working on opening that gate from which that call originates, simply by my Maladaptive Daydreaming.



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